The Maps of a Memoir – Travelling Through the Disintegration of Memory

Film Still, © Viola Zichy, 2018/ Volker Schlöndorff, 1976/ Reszö Zichy, 1972

Film Still, © Viola Zichy, 2018/ Volker Schlöndorff, 1976/ Reszö Zichy, 1972


Docu-Fiction Short Film, 9.42 mins


The work is an excavation of family memory which explores the synchronicities in narration. It is a literal mapping of memory based on documentations of the artists family members, who had to flee their homes in 1945. It is then overwritten with the artists own experiences of loss of home and transports the viewer viscerally through the ephemeral emotions at the time versus now. The film combines a multitude of elements; Family footage shot at the home in 1972, footage from Volker Schlöndorff’s 1976 film Fangschuss at the same location as well as footage shot by the artist yet again returning to that location based on the memoir of a great-grant aunt who documented her flight in 1945. This is tied together by an electronic voice-over which reminds the viewer of the ambiguity of personalised storytelling. To geographically locate the story the artist has chosen to use screen recordings of Google Maps. The video has previously been presented in shown in a cinema setting, which refers not only to the usage of cinema footage but also seeks to question the distinction between documentary and fiction.

Contains copyrighted footage from the 1976 film 'Fangschuss' by Volker Schlöndorff.

Music: Douglas Neville, Stanley Myers

Thanks to: Douglas Neville, Caroline Zichy, Veronika Pelikan, Aonghus O’Kelly, Phillip Lai, Aleka Zichy, + Philipp Walderdorff and + Micheline Zichy.


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Goldsmiths Degree Show | 15.-18.06.2018 PV: 14.06 | Ben Pimlott Building 3rd Floor | London, UK

'Travelling Through the Disintegration of Memory' | Group Screening | Tanoa Sasraku-Ansah / Viola Zichy / Harry Hayton Iles / Mattina Hiwaizi / Anna Rowson / Rachel Ashton / Aleksandr Karimov | Deptford Cinema | 15.07.2018 | London, UK


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